Dear Single Parent

Dear Single Mom or Dad,

I commend you!

While I may not be a single mom myself, and I do have a partner to help with finances and relieve the load while he is home, I get just a TASTE of what it is like every other week.  Not a negative experience, but its tough! Last year my husband started working a job where he went from being home every night to working 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, and recently started a new job working a week on, week off.  We are very thankful that he has a job to provide for us even though it means he has to be away to do so, but it has really changed things. For that week on, I get a GLIMPSE of what it is like to be a single parent.  While my husband is gone at work, there is no one to fall back on, I just have to make it work.  From the time I wake up until I go to bed, all it takes to care for these three boys, myself, and the house, keeps me going all day! All day long I am dropping someone off, picking someone up, going to T -Ball practices and games, dropping off at church, doing homework, giving baths, nursing, changing, washing, cooking, cleaning, completely dealing with AT LEAST a 2 person load all on my own with little to no time for myself.  While I do have great family and friends that can help when I absolutely need it, I do it mostly on my own. So often times we are late, I’ve burnt food, (mainly the food I am reheating for myself to finally eat) I’ve forgotten to send lunches, sign school folders/papers leading to points off my sons grade, done homework 15 minutes before school starts because we forgot, I’m tired, often grouchy and stressed, and walk around constantly running a checklist through my mind. We manage, but what helps me through is knowing that next week will be different, next week everything will be split back up and I can relax a little.

When I am having a hard day, I have said way too many times “this single parent stuff is hard!” Then I think of you single parents, and I want to take back that comment,  because there YOU are, struggling with all that, bearing the weight of all that, PLUS finances, maybe you work, maybe you are lonely, maybe you have a good support group, maybe you don’t,  but it’s ALL on you, ALL the time. Whether you are single by choice, divorce, loss, deployment, or just single every other week or two, I just want you to know single parent, I see you, and I admire your hard work, determination, sacrifice, perseverance, your will to keep going because you have to, because you want to.  I know you are tired, exhausted even, but keep up the good work because you are proof that it can be done, and keep moms like me going! You have my respect, because It is not an easy job with 4 hands, and takes a very tough person to handle it all with just two! Go you! You are awesome and you are doing a great job!

“Never give up, because only by hanging in will you win.”




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