Face Presentation · Mentum Anterior

My VBA2C baby was delivered with face presentation.


On February 21 my son was born a little…. unconventionally.   Not only were we going for a VBA2C ( Part 1 and Part 2 of my Journey to VBA2C in another blog post) but my little man decided to join us in a position called face presentation (mentum anterior).  Face presentation occurs in 1 of every 600-800 births, averaging about 0.2% of births.  It’s really just my luck to fall into that .2! While we aren’t sure exactly how he came to be in that position, my doctor suspects it has something to do with my pelvis size or the fact that my uterine wall was weakened allowing him to move more freely.  Face presentation was diagnosed in the first stage of labor after I had been in labor for about 30 hours, dilated to 8! The nurse had come in to do a vaginal exam to check dilation and said that her finger went into a hole. She was not sure exactly what it was, so called my doctor in to take a look.  He confirmed it was indeed Face Presentation.  Fortunately, the mentum is anterior in over 60% of cases of face presentation, and is more likely to deliver vaginally than other types of face presentation, with overall success rates of 60-70% so my Doctor was still confident that I could deliver vaginally. We both looked fine on the monitors so we pressed on. However, warned me and my family that his face would be very swollen and bruised. A few hours later I was prepped and ready to push.  I push several sets through several contractions and I hear my Doctor say that he can see a nose! With my permission he called the nurses in to have a look, because it really is rare to see. With everyone looking I decided I better ask for a mirror so that I could see too! It was unreal… there his sweet little face was! Had we been allowed to take pictures, it was the type of thing that could be in a text book, darn hospitals and their policies!  A few more pushes and out he came.  My poor little guy looked like he had been in a fight.  His left eye, brow, and forehead very swollen and bruised, and his jaw a little to the side.  It was so hard to see him that way. I felt like I had beaten him up inside my body. After he made his exit he was taken right over to be checked out and get some oxygen, before he could come to me for skin to skin. From what I remember, he was still and very quiet. That first cry was the best sound I had heard in a long time.  We were warned but I don’t think I expected it to be quite so bad.  My poor photographer had not gotten the heads up and froze when she saw him, my mother in law knew but seeing it in person made her have to leave the room and cry, and daddy and I were very on edge and worried.  However, as soon as that baby was on my chest, I felt peace, and knew all was well.


Psalm 139:14 “I will praise You because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, and I know this very well.”

Remarkably and wonderfully made indeed! He did come out very swollen and bruised, just apart of his miraculous birth story, but he was made for that exit and made to recover it.  He recovered very quickly!  Watching his transformation over the next couple of days amazed me.

(The following images may be hard to see, but I promise there is a happy ending)


Right After delivery Saturday evening. Friday 21


Sunday 22nd. Morning after delivery.


Sunday Evening after delivery.


First day home. Monday Morning 23rd.

PicMonkey Collage3

5 days old! Completely healed!

Man is God good or what!? I thank God every day that things happened as well as they did. Things could have been way worse. I am very thankful my doctor knew how to handle it and handled it so well! We had our VBA2C with our face first baby, with no harm to me or him! Pediatrician says he is perfect! I would have to agree 😉


He had to give me a hard time at birth because he planned on being such a good baby! 🙂


2 thoughts on “My VBA2C baby was delivered with face presentation.

  1. So crazy….you literally were telling my story. Nurse said she felt a hole and didn’t know which hole it was. Dr called in the nurses. My son looked just like your little guy all beat up. I remember being terrified he was going to look like the elephant man 😳 LOL
    He was perfect and is 9 now. Great to read your story.


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